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Solar Power Plant

  • Globally we are facing diverse challenges because of climate change and environmental damages. Most global leaders, political wills and energies are centered to overcome these challenges.

  • Also in order to deal with acute energy crisis which is hampering the industrial growth and economic progress of our country, the Green Energy Generation is one of the vital components that helps to face such challenges and we, at NSIT are contributing to the possible extent by deploying Solar Power Generation system within the campus having capacity of 22KW to tackle the energy crisis through judicious utilization of the abundant renewable energy resources.

  • Solar Power, a clean renewable resource with zero emission, has got tremendous potential of energy which can be harnessed using a variety of devices.

  • Living in a sustainable manner and integrating environmental education into the learning process helps our students to understand how their decisions and actions affect the environment and enables them to make informed decisions as framer of the future. Even our buildings are constructed with eco-friendly and locally-sourced material for further enhancing the environmental care.